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Controlling blood pressure with herbs is an important option, considering that one in four people in the United States suffers from high blood pressure. Many lose their lives to this silent killer every year. It is one of the leading contributors to heart disease and is not always obvious. It is exacerbated by unhealthy living, smoking, fatty foods, excessive drinking and stress. High intake of salt and other products contributes to the problem.

Avoid Covering the Problem:

The use of herbs to control high blood pressure aids in reducing high cholesterol and helps blood flow. Using natural methods to control blood pressure is best for the body. Most drugs only cover up the problem, encouraging the body to build up a resistance. Herbs are natural foods giving the body nutrients, solving the nutritional factor that may be feeding the blood pressure problem. Garlic is one of those herbs. People jokingly say garlic is a repellant of friends and other objects, but garlic keeps an abundance of unwanted health problems away from the body.

Herbs Detoxify:

Use herbs to detox the body. A huge problem with blood flow is inflammation. Once this problem is solved, the body can get necessary vitamins to affected areas. When preparing foods, include more onions, peppers and spices. These herbs are beneficial to the body. Basil, oregano and cinnamon are also helpful. Blend these herbs into as many dishes as possible and reduce salt and sugar intake. Too many foods are prepackaged with these products, so read labels.

Reduce the Inflammation:

Cardamom, olives and ginger work great, reducing inflammation in the body, bringing down blood pressure. Turmeric, hawthorn and celery seed aid in this process. People with a healthy diet of vegetables have far less trouble with blood pressure than most. This shows that eating a large amount of vegetables is a way of getting a variety of nutrients also found in herbs into the body. It is not enough to know about helpful herbs; use them for better health.

Herbs used for seasonings are basic to many kitchen cupboards: rosemary, elderberry, lemon balm and many others. Chamomile is popular as a soothing tea. Some herbs are more common than others and should be taken sparingly. Everyone responds differently. For example, garlic is good for the body; it is a natural antibiotic, but it is also a blood thinner and should not be eaten excessively.

Herbs are one of the least expensive foods on the market. They can be grown on a kitchen window seal or in a few flowerpots in a favorite sitting area. Thousands of people use grow lights to keep herb gardens when living in apartments, and others use small greenhouses available at local garden shops to grow herbs year round. Many neighborhoods have rooftop gardens or community gardens that satisfy the need for potent herbs. These plants are helpful to the body, and they can be acquired no matter how tight the budget, with a little effort. They are also fun and simple to grow.

SOURCE: NaturalNews