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Are you one of the millions of Americans who have been diagnosed with a major depressive disorder? Have you been told that pharmaceutical drugs are your only viable option to overcoming depression? Well, here is some surprisingly good news.

New breakthrough research, this past year, showed that curcumin is as effective as prozac at treating depression – yet without the negative side effects. These findings could bring a low blow to the already $12 billion per year antidepressant industry as people continue to seek more natural, non-chemical alternatives to conventional drug therapy.

Pioneering clinical research reveals fantastic results for curcumin

The landmark study’s authors reported not only was curcumin well-tolerated by all subjects, but that it may deal with depression better than other antidepressants on the market today. Because this study was randomized and controlled for with such favorable results it stands to help pave the way toward a new level of emotional well-being for those who have struggled for years with antidepressant medications that may not have worked at all.

To date, no other study of this type has shown such favorable clinical results. Why is curcumin so effective? Researchers believe that it has a natural ability to inhibit monoamine oxidase – an enzyme which at high levels is linked to depression. Curcumin also tends to raise the neurotransmitters in the brain needed by those suffering with depression and anxiety.

Eliminate depression naturally without side effects

You may already know curcumin as the spice turmeric. It’s bright, vibrant color could be a food staple in your home.

For people suffering with depression, curcumin has been shown to assist in modulating both dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters responsible for happiness, curbing depression and overall emotional well-being. Common pharmaceutical medications prescribed for depression, such as prozac come with an entire list of negative side effects such as sleep disturbances, anxiety and schizophrenic behavior.

Many patients take antidepressants for years reaping little to no reward and are left with these lifestyle altering side effects.

How much curcumin do I need?

The study observed here found statistically valuable results when subjects used 500 mg, twice daily of curcumin extract for major depressive disorder. Not any curcumin will do however. It’s important when supplementing to use a standardized, bioavailable source to ensure maximum absorption.

To improve absorption, be sure to take curcumin with a dose of healthy fats like, avocado, coconut or olive oil and, if you can, try to use fermented turmeric – in a high acid base – for the highest possible absorption rate.

Of course, if you’re suffering with depression, it’s always best to work with a trusted healthcare provider to help you through the process of healing naturally.

Curcumin benefits way beyond ending depression

A long list of health concerns have been known to improve with the regular use of curcumin in the diet. This includes rhematoid arthritis, anti-cancer and anti-tumor activity, liver and digestive concerns such as IBS, GERD, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

You can choose to take curcumin as a standardized supplement and even add the spice directly to dishes such as curries, roasts, soups, tonics and savory desserts. Either way, the mood stabilizing effects of curcumin will help you feel great.

SOURCE: NaturalHealth365