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Way before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was ever created, ozone therapy was successfully used by established medical professionals to treat anemia, respiratory ailments, infectious diseases and countless ‘incurable’ health issues. But, by the 1940’s, the FDA decided to seize all ozone machines – despite its track record of being effective (and harmless) to thousands and thousands of people with all sorts of health problems ranging from AIDS to cancer.

The (successful) medical history of ozone therapy

Since the 1950’s, ozone therapy has been widely used in Germany. In fact, there are over 10,000 German doctors using ozone therapy – on over 10 million people (so far) – for a variety of health conditions with a 90% cure rate plus no negative side effects. So why does the FDA continue to ignore such success and support the risky use of toxic drugs?

In Russia, doctors have been successfully using ozone therapy – especially for tuberculosis – for over 40 years. In 1986, Cuba authorized the use of ozone therapy and it’s used in all of their hospitals. You can even find clinics in Mexico and certain parts of the Caribbean. When will the FDA wake up?

Another interesting note, in the 1960′s, Robert Atkins, MD had (temporarily) lost his medical license after he announced on his weekly radio show that he had cured a woman of breast cancer. It took huge public outcry and an agreement by Dr. Atkins to never use ozone therapy again for Dr. Atkins to get his medical license reinstated. Do you think conventional medicine is afraid of losing business to safe, natural therapies? (Yep!) Don’t let conventional ‘wisdom’ keep you in the dark about natural therapies that work.

How does ozone therapy promote optimal health?

There are literally 100 different benefits gained by the use of ozone – which some would call ‘super oxygen’ – such as: improved circulation to oxygen-deprived organs; better immune function; and liver cleanser. This should come as no surprise to anyone when you consider that a lack of oxygen will accelerate the aging process, destroy healthy tissues and promote the spread of cancer.

We often hear about the longevity and amazing quality of life displayed by traditional cultures like the Hunza people. How are they able to enjoy such a vibrant, stress-free existence? Many natural health experts suggest the key to their longevity are due to rich (uncontaminated) soils, clean (nutritious) foods and, most importantly, the super-rich oxygen environment of higher altitudes.

Ozone therapy can stimulate the production of white blood cells and interluekin-2 – which are both critical for healthy immune function – especially when dealing with cancer. In addition, ozone kills most bacteria – at relatively low concentrations; makes the entire antioxidant enzyme system work better; breaks down arterial plaque and, even degrades petrochemicals in the body – which cause chronic, biological stress.

SOURCE: NaturalHealth365