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So, what did the doctor say? Is it a disease, a disorder or a syndrome? Is it a neurochemical or neurobiological imbalance? Could you have a cognitive dysfunction or impairment? Are your problems genetic or can you not inherit bad eating habits? Do you have central sensitization syndrome? Maybe what you have is “comorbidity,” meaning it’s a host of disorders on top of other disorders on top of a syndrome, which could be muscular, psychiatric or stress-related. Maybe it’s all just an anomaly and your doctor has no clue about the causes.

Finally, does you doctor use broad terms and a vague yet somehow complicated and confusing diagnosis just before scribbling out that prescription that seems to have worse side effects than your root problems? Still, you’ll do almost anything, right, at this point, to get rid of the pain, the depression and the anxiety. Well, almost anything.

Let’s begin this “diagnosis” and “analysis” of terms by discussing the top disorders, dysfunctions, diseases, maladies, or whatever you want to call them, in laymen’s terms, that describe conditions as ongoing “end results” of bad eating habits, some of which people are never even made aware. If Western Medicine has you confused and solving NOTHING, then they’ve done their job. If you are a client for life (regular patient) and your “medicines” only dull the pain and make you feel like a zombie, then “Big Pharma” has done its job. It’s time to “do a job” on Big Pharma and end the madness that’s polluting your body, mind and soul, day in and day out.

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