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For millions of people, around the world, perfect skin seems like a distant dream. The American Academy of Dermatology reveals that acne affects 40 – 50 million Americans, at a cost of over $2 billion per year. Every year, in the United States, 5 million people are treated for skin cancer – at a cost of over $8 billion. But, here’s the main point, all of this is preventable!

Conventional medicine is TOTALLY WRONG about skin cancer

What is the cause of skin cancer? According to the Mayo Clinic, skin cancer is caused by “damage to DNA in skin cells results from ultraviolet (UV) radiation found in sunlight and in the lights used in tanning beds.” And, not just the Mayo Clinic, just about every conventionally-trained medical doctor believes that sunlight causes skin cancer.

Yet, we have epidemiological studies that show people living closer to the equator (with plenty of sunlight exposure) have a statistically lower risk of getting skin cancer versus people living at higher latitudes. And what about all of those cases of skin cancer NOT associated with sunlight exposure?

Even though Western medicine promotes the fear of the sun – they admit that ‘other factors’ that cause cancer include: a weakened immune system, medical radiation and certain toxic substances like arsenic. Treating cancer with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation will NEVER address the root cause of disease – which can be found in poor dietary and lifestyle habits.

The American Cancer Society toots the same horn by warning people that sun exposure, age, skin color, race and other ‘uncontrollable’ factors increase the risk of getting cancer. Yet, buried within their own educational material, they admit “immune suppression” IS a cause of cancer. The thoughtless pattern of fear mongering, disempowering information and dumbed-down nonsense is abundantly clear.

Not a single mainstream outlet will talk about the 800-pound gorilla in the room, in terms of skin health. Our immune system is under attack from all angles, including poisonous farming and food production practices; an overabundance of heavy metals in our food supply; toxic substances in household cleaning products, home furniture and building materials; the list goes on and on. Skin cancer, itchy skin, rashes and acne – all represent ways that the body is trying to deal with excess oils and toxins.

To add insult to injury, we have weak (corporately-controlled) politicians that legalize the sale of cancer-causing substance found in vaccines, unhealthy beverages and so many other items – too many to list here.

The skin is vitally important for optimal health. As the largest organ of the body, our skin keeps us hydrated; helps to prevent infections and warns us of potential harm from heat, cold and pain.

3 natural ways to create perfect skin – all the years of your life

1. Avoid chemicals.

Obvious, but can’t be emphasized enough, before you use lotions, potions or nutritional supplements – one MUST eliminate the consumption of toxic substances found in conventionally-produced foods and personal care products. In other words, be a conscious consumer and spend your money wisely on safer, all-natural products.

2. Keep well hydrated. Often overlooked, it’s not just about drinking clean, pure water. Be sure to eat plenty of water-rich vegetables and fruits – on a daily basis – to keep the skin well-nourished. Avoid heavily-processed foods (loaded with sodium), which will surely dry out your skin and accelerate the aging process.

3. Eat lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants, like vitamin C, have been shown to prevent wrinkles and premature aging by preventing free radical damage. Eat organic blueberries, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, kale, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables – on a daily basis.


SOURCE: NaturalHealth365