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The vast majority of our food supply is contaminated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – which have devastating effects on digestive health and immunity. Our air is polluted with ‘chemtrails’ – a government-sponsored geoengineering program (supposedly) designed to ‘protect us’ from the sun. Those clouds you see overhead are filled with highly-toxic substances like aluminum, barium and strontium. And, let’s not forget, the dangerous chemicals in just about every commercially-produced household and personal care product. No doubt, we’re living in a toxic world.

Environmental toxins can destroy your health. Make no mistake, humanity is under attack by major corporations that produce disease-causing toxic chemicals. These toxins increase our risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, dementia plus many other (painful) autoimmune conditions.

Heavy metals in the bloodstream damage the central nervous system, mental and emotional health

Researchers, and holistically-minded physicians, know that heavy metals are being found inside every one of us – including newborn babies. Toxic substances like mercury, lead and cadmium block the proper flow of neurotransmitters in the brain – which can cause us to experience brain fog and depression. As our body gets overwhelmed with these toxins – we lose our energy and motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. In other words, these poisons can literally accelerate the aging process and trigger premature death.

For example, did you know that lead toxicity can lower your IQ? In 1995, the American Academy of Pediatrics reviewed 18 scientific studies on the relationship between a child’s mental abilities and lead in the blood. Every concerned parent ought to pay close attention to their conclusion:

“A number of studies have found that for every 10 ug/dL (microgram per deciliter) increase in blood lead levels, there was a lowering of mean IQ in children by 4 to 7 points.” Understand, that’s less than a thousandth of a gram of lead.

Remember, a toxic body will destroy thyroid function, hormonal balance, cardiovascular health and, most importantly, our ability to absorb nutrients. So, the next time you’re offered GMOs, vaccines or a toy from China – coated with lead paint, you may just want to say ‘no thanks!’

How do toxins destroy the immune system?

First, let me say, that our body is designed to naturally detoxify itself. But, when you consider that the Environmental Protection Agency recognizes approximately 80,000 commonly used chemicals – there is no way to deeply understand its influence over human health. By breathing in car fumes; taking prescription drugs and eating processed foods – we can easily overwhelm our immune system with free radicals that cause oxidative stress, the number one cause for disease.

Our digestive system is largely responsible for a healthy immune system. A healthy digestive tract helps to protect us from bad bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other toxins. When our system is overloaded with too many toxins – we experience ‘leaky gut’, which can lead to autoimmune disorders plus many other chronic inflammatory diseases.

Our food is being poisoned. Sadly, too many people remain uneducated about the untested, truly dangerous chemicals added to our food, air and water supply. I often wonder how the human race has survived – to this point.

SOURCE: NaturalHealth365